Three Signs You May Need a Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Madison WI

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Plumbing, Water Heating

Plumbing is a little bit tricky sometimes, and it’s not always immediately obvious when a problem actually requires a professional or a repair. Most water heaters are built to last five to ten years, but if you have an aging system, you can expect to need more repairs. In addition, using hard water can cause problems, and the more people live in your house, the more often you’ll need repairs. If your water heater has been acting up, but you’re not sure whether to call in some help, here are three signs it’s time to get a plumber in for a repair.

1) The Tank Is Leaking

Leaky anything is never a good sign, so if you notice leaks, your plumbing most likely needs immediate attention. When it comes to water heaters, the best course of action is to turn the apparatus off, drain it completely, and then get a plumber in to figure out what’s causing the problem. Unless you have some plumbing experience yourself, it’s not advised that you try to fix leaky things on your own, as leaks don’t usually have a quick fix.

2) You Can’t Get Hot Water

You’ll almost certainly notice this! Sometimes, this problem can be fixed by just meddling with the thermostat (just for reference, most houses keep their water heater temperature in the range of 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.) However, if you can’t get any hot water at all, there’s something else going on. There’s a good chance that your water heater has a broken heating element, which could easily be fixed or replaced by Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Madison WI. While not being able to get hot water is an obvious sign of a problem, if the water is consistently way too hot, that could also be an indication that something needs to be repaired.

3) The Tank Is Making Noise

If your water heater is constantly creaking, wheezing, and banging, it might be time to call in a professional. The noise could be a result of sediment buildup in the water tank. Sometimes, debris interacts with the layer of buildup, and the noise comes from the sediment getting burned away. In other cases, the water heater gets noisy because the heating element is burning out. If you suspect this to be the cause, try flushing out the tank and cleaning out any sediment. If the problem persists, consider getting the Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Madison WI.

Ignoring an issue with your water heater can lead to very costly consequences. Reporting the problem as soon as occurs may save you tons of money. A Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Madison WI is always going to be cheaper than replacing the entire unit. Benjamin Plumbing Inc provides the best water heater repair services. Call them at (608) 271-7071.

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