Water Heaters Repair In Falls Church, VA Are Necessary For Low Energy Costs And Reliable Hot Water

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Plumbing

Many individuals don’t give their water heaters much thought until they are stuck taking a cold shower. A water heater will provide signs that it needs to be repaired soon. A traditional water heater may begin to gurgle or only deliver half of the hot water it used to produce. It can begin to leak near the pipe connections, side, valve, or even the bottom. Water heaters repair in Falls Church, VA by an experienced plumber can quickly determine the cause of the problem and get the hot water flowing again to a home or business.

No Hot Water

The type of water heater an individual owns will determine how it is repaired. An electric water heater normally has two elements to heat the water, and the lower one usually burns out first due to sediment in the tank. A gas water heater has a burner at the bottom that may have become corroded or dirty from long-term use without servicing. When the heating element or burner stop working, it’s time to contact water heaters repair in Falls Church, VA.

Hot Water That Smells Bad

Water that is coming from a water heater can develop a smell that’s similar to rotten eggs. This type of smell is usually from a high amount of sulfur in the water and the chemical reaction it can have with the anode rod. Sometimes, a tank can be thoroughly flushed to eliminate the smell, but in other situations, the anode rod will need to be replaced by an experienced plumber.

Keeping A Water Heater In Top Operating Condition

A traditional water heater is one that holds hot water in the tank 24 hours a day. Hard water sediment can get stuck in these types of tanks and should be flushed out on a yearly basis through the drain valve. If the tank begins to pop, bang, or gurgle, those are signs there’s buildup. If the tank sounds like it’s boiling, an experienced plumber should be contacted immediately because it can explode.

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