What Is The Septic Tank Inspection Process?

Septic tank inspection is vital to the health of the environment and your family members. It helps identify problems and rectify them before they become more expensive. Therefore, homeowners must ensure their septic tanks are inspected regularly, at least once yearly. However, because these systems are usually underneath the ground, they go unnoticed. During an inspection, this is the process to follow.

Locate The Tank

To perform a septic inspection in Jacksonville, FL, you must first know the location of the tank. The septic inspector will locate the tank with the help of a radio transmitter if you don’t know where it is.

Remove The Lid

The next step is removing the lid to inspect the internal components. However, uncovering the tank yourself could save you more money.

Determine The Sludge Level

The tank inspector will determine the sludge level using an instrument, usually a long calibrated rod. The rod is hollow with a plug allowing waste water to enter but keeping the sludge out. The sludge water in the rod will help explain the septic tank’s condition.

Test For leakages

Afterward, the inspector will determine if the septic tank has any leakages. A leaking septic tank could lead to catastrophic events like water contamination which poses health risks.

Inspect The Baffles

Baffles are like the regulatory valve in a septic tank. The inlet baffles help regulate the waste flow rate from the house. The outlet baffle keeps all solid from going into the drain field.Septic inspections in Jacksonville, FL help ensure these valves are working properly and that they aren’t attached to the inlet and outlet pipes.

Checking The Water flow And Filters

An effluent filter on the tank’s outlet pipe also helps keep all solids from getting into the drain field. When this happens, it could lead to leaks and groundwater contamination. The tank inspector will check to see if the filter is working well or needs replacing.

Keeping your septic tank in good condition keeps your family and the environment safe and helps improve your home’s value. Additionally, tank inspection helps determine if there is a problem so that you can deal with it sooner. Hire a team from Duck Duck Rooter to know more about pros and corns of septic inspection service. Call (904)-862-6769 for more details.

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