5 Tips For Wintertime Maintenance and Air Conditioning Repair in Bellingham WA

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Heating Contractor

Winter is the time when families need their heating systems the most, and the last thing that should happen is to have the heater break down on a cold night. Thankfully, there are several steps homeowners can take to prevent their systems from failing. By following some basic maintenance strategies, there’s less need for expensive wintertime Air Conditioning Repair in Bellingham WA.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

A grungy, dirty HVAC filter will adversely affect the unit’s performance. Although it’s important to inspect the filter at least every 90 days, it’s a good idea to take a look before the cold sets in. While it’s easy to replace or clean a filter in-house, if the system hasn’t been tuned up in a while, it’s time to call a contractor.

Check Registers and Supply Vents

Making sure all registers and supply vents are unblocked is crucial and it’s easy to do. Simply look to see that they’re all open and not obstructed by household items. Cleaning these vents will improve indoor air quality, helping the entire home feel and smell fresher.

Program the Thermostat

As the HVAC system moves from cooling to heating the home, re-programming the thermostat for winter will help families save money. Be sure to adjust for the times when no one is at home, so the system isn’t overtaxed and heat isn’t wasted.

Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

This is an important precaution all year, but ensuring proper function during the winter is particularly important. Depending on the home’s heating system, a small leak may cause a major disaster. If the system is out of date and putting the family at risk, call for heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Bellingham WA immediately.

Call Today to Schedule Seasonal Heating Service

There’s one more important tip all homeowners should follow this winter, and that is to schedule regular service with an experienced HVAC technician. With seasonal heating and cooling service, technicians can keep units in good shape and catch small problems before they turn into big and expensive ones. Visit to learn more or call to schedule a visit.

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