Eliminate Moisture Damage Using a Superior Water Restoration Service in Charleston SC

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Plumbing

There are many things that can damage a home, but few of them are more problematic than water. Even worse, water damage can result from a variety of issues including a failure of the roofing material or seepage in the basement. The most common causes of water damage involve faulty plumbing. For instance, a leak from a sink faucet usually drips onto the wood that the cabinet is made from. Modern cabinets are frequently made from engineered wood, but this material doesn’t handle water very well. Once the damage begins, the best solution is an experienced Water Restoration Service in Charleston SC.

Major plumbing issues such as leaking pipes inside the walls can really destroy a home. Drywall is one of those construction materials that look great in use, but it falls apart once it gets saturated. Water damage to drywall is usually noticeable because the material will crumble away. This type of damage is difficult to repair because the drywall needs to be removed far enough away from the damaged area to ensure its integrity. Once the damaged area has been eliminated and replacement material has been installed, the contractor will need to float any seams and prepare the area for paint.

Using a Quality Water Restoration Service in Charleston SC can often prevent extensive repairs. The first step is eliminating as much water as possible. This is necessary to protect the flooring and structural materials. Carpets and natural wood floors are easily ruined if water is allowed to sit for very long. Plus, the liquid can saturate expensive trim and baseboards. This sort of damage may be superficial, but the area needs to be thoroughly examined to ensure that all water is removed.

Multiple story buildings can be a real problem when water leaks occur. Damage to an upper level can spread to other areas very quickly. This type of damage can be expensive to repair, especially if the lower story is a finished basement. One concern in a situation such as this is water that seeps inside the walls and floors. Saturated wood may seem to be okay at first, but if the wood is not completely dried rot and mold can develop. Get more information about water restoration from the experts at Preferred Home Services.

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