Eliminate That Leaking or Wobbly Toilet With Expert Toilet Installation Services

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Plumbing

Sooner or later every toilet will fail. Some possible problems include corrosion in the tank that destroys the metal components and leaks around the base. Fixing these problems is usually a matter of replacing the guts of the toilet. However, an older commode may not be worth the trouble because they use more water than newer models. Older, less efficient toilets require 3.6 gallons of water per flush while newer models get by with 1.6 gallons. That adds up to a lot of water for a four-person household and is an excellent reason to consider professional Toilet Installation Services.

Replacing the toilet requires a number of steps. First is the disconnection of the water supply. There should be a flexible hose that connects the toilet tank to a valve on the floor or at the wall. Many plumbers suggest replacing the hose so that no leaks occur around the sealing threads. The typical toilet is a two-piece fixture that must be taken apart for easy removal. Once the water is off, it is time to drain the tank. Flush away as much of the water as possible and remove the remainder with a small cup and sponge. Alternately, old rags will do in a pinch. Some care is required when taking the commode apart because an undamaged toilet can be donated or sold at a yard sale.

One of the reasons to consider using Toilet Installation Services is that the base of the toilet must be seated properly and correctly sealed. Toilets mount on a flange that connects to the sewer line and uses a sticky wax seal between the fixture and the flange. There are several types of flanges. One uses two closet bolts to secure the commode, and another uses four, but the two bolt model is the most common. Alternately, one type of flange uses no bolts, and the toilet is secured with anchor bolts in the floor. It is useful to know which type of commode is currently installed when considering the replacement. Measuring the space where the toilet sits is also a good idea because some bathrooms have tiny toilet areas. Get more information about toilet repair and installation from the professional plumbers at website.

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