Find Hidden Water Leaks With the Help of a Plumber in Alexandria VA

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Plumbing

Homeowners face many challenges in protecting and maintaining the home, but water leak detection is one of the most crucial. An undetected or untreated leak can cause serious damage to the home and its contents, and it can corrode pipes and waste valuable resources. With these things in mind, homeowners should consider these tips on leak detection.

Listen for Leaks

Start the detection process by turning off the water supply to fixtures and appliances. Then, listen for the sounds of dripping and leaking. Follow the sound, and find the leak.

Read the Water Meter

Most water meters look like plastic boxes located below ground level, but some apartments have externally mounted meters. If the meter is running while the home’s water is not in use, a leak may exist.

Use Ground Penetrating Radar

The use of radar is a good way for a plumber in Alexandria, VA to find an external leak. This method can help homeowners find out the leak’s size and location. The machine sends waves through the ground and back, and the strength of those waves can tell the user what type of materials are under the ground.

Use Gas in Water Pipes

Gas is an easy, efficient way to detect an indoor leak. Water pipes are filled with hydrogen gas and a special tool is used to monitor the movement of the gas. Hydrogen gas is highly pressurized, and if there’s a leak, the device will detect it immediately. From there, the Plumber in Alexandria VA can pinpoint the leak’s location.

Use a Geophone

A geophone is a tool that’s similar to a doctor’s stethoscope, and plumbers use them to amplify sound and detect underground leaks. However, if the leak is very large, it may not make much noise and it may be harder to detect with this method.

It is important for homeowners to find and treat water leaks before they cause serious damage. Leaks can be very costly in terms of monthly utility bills and damage to the home and its appliances. If a homeowner is dealing with a leak, they should call a company like Business Name for help.

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