Residential Boilers Need Regular Maintenance For Safety And Efficiency

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Plumbing Services

Boilers are a popular option for heating a home. Although boilers are very durable, Residential Boilers need regular maintenance to continue to operate safely and efficiently. Boilers are known for effective heating in a home, and proper maintenance can ensure they’ll be working for years to come. The main component of boilers is the large tank filled with water, but they also have many other parts that can break due to the lack of care. The water in the tank is heated by gas, wood, or another type of fuel. It’s very important that the water is heated evenly in the tank and the burner is operating at peak efficiency.

The steam or hot water from a boiler travels through a piping system that circulates throughout a home to keep it warm. These pipes travel into baseboards, radiators, and floors. These pipes should be checked for any type of wear or deterioration before a major leak occurs. Damage to a pipe could affect the entire system. If there is any damage to a radiator, fitting, or pipe, it should be repaired immediately. Early detection of a problem with Residential Boilers can eliminate a larger and more expensive problem in the future.

When a homeowner notices cold spots, inconsistent heating, or strange noises coming from the boiler system, they should immediately contact a heating contractor. If there is an increase in the energy cost to operate the boiler, this is a sign it needs to be repaired. There shouldn’t be strange sounds or smells developing during the operation of a boiler. Vent pipes should be checked regularly for blockages, and any signs of rust should be repaired quickly. The shifting of a home can cause joints to become loose, which can cause a leak in the pipe. Older boiler systems require the circulator pump to be oiled if it has oiling points.

Thermostats should be regularly checked because they can lose their accuracy if they’re not level. Don’t spend the winter months cold due to a malfunctioning boiler system. Maintenance and minor repairs can keep a home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. For more information, please visit. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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