Gas Boiler Service Key To Keep Hydronic Heaters Working When Needed

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Plumbing Services

Ever hear of hydronic heating? Do you remember ever visiting an old building or seeing in a movie a large radiator standing in a room? In the old days, heated water would circulate through these radiators to provide steam space heating to keep a room warm. A hydronic heating system works on more or less the same principle. However, this basic principle is taken in a different direction to perform its task.

A hydronic heater works by utilizing a piping grid under the floor. Heated water circulates through this grid and warms the room above through radiant heat transfer. It’s a very simple and effective mechanism for warming a house. The floor grid delivers its heat across the entire area covered by the room or the house interior, so heating is even in all areas. Because it also covers the entire floor area, it is not necessary to use a central blower to deliver heated air through ducting. This cuts out the need for electricity usage just to move heat from room to room. Not only does this save on electricity in the winter months but also reduces the circulation of dust and allergens throughout the house, which is a boon for persons sensitive to these agents.

At the core of a hydronic system is a water heater of some type. Most often, these are gas-fired boilers that are very efficient and comparatively cheap to operate. However, these need regular maintenance just the same as your other gas-fired systems in the house. Gas Boiler Service, therefore, is imperative to keep your hydronic heater grid working at peak efficiency. Just like the tank that is at the core of your water heating system, the boiler for your heating system has to be checked out for signs of rust and leakage. More importantly, the pilot and gas feeder valves have to be inspected for signs of any developing defects that, at minimum, could interfere with the functioning of the boiler and, at worst, could be a fire or explosion hazard.
At the website, there can be found a quick guide to the range of maintenance, repair, and installation services available to clients. If there is need for Gas Boiler Service, the plumbers on call are certified and their work is guaranteed.

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