Knowing When Water Heaters in Rehoboth Beach, DE Need to Be Replaced

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Plumbing

While water heaters are designed to last for years, the day will come when the homeowner needs to start thinking about a replacement. Ideally, the search will begin before the current unit stops working altogether. By being aware of the common signs that Water Heaters in Rehoboth Beach DE are nearing the end of the road, it is possible to make plans and be ready to replace those heaters quickly and easily. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Decreased Efficiency

In times past, the water heater provided enough hot water for everyone to have a shower in the morning. Over the last few months, it seems as if the water becomes tepid before everyone is through. Nobody is taking longer showers, so that can’t be the reason. The odds are that the older unit is no longer heating the water as efficiently. Before things get any worse, it pays to start looking at replacement Water Heaters in Rehoboth Beach, DE and be ready for the day when the current heater finally stops working.

Increased Energy Consumption

While the heater is not producing hot water as efficiently, that does not mean it is using less energy. In fact, it is probably consuming more energy than at any time in the past. Take a good look at the utility bills over the last six months. Has the amount of energy consumed started to creep up a little every month? Choosing to replace the older heater sooner rather than later will put a stop to the energy waste and bring those monthly bills back into a more acceptable range.

More Frequent Repairs

While the heater is still working, it does seem as if a repair professional is at the home every few weeks. At first, it was the heating element, then it was a leak in the tank. Now there is a problem with the electrical connection on the heater. Instead of continuing to spend more money on the older heater, think about replacing it in the next couple of months.

For help with choosing and installing a new water heater, visit the website of 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. After talking with an expert, it will not be hard to find a heater that is right for the household and ensures that it is installed properly.

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