Smart Kitchen Remodeling Tips on a Razor-Thin Budget

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling is exciting, and some innovative design ideas can really take a home’s kitchen to a whole new place. But, what happens when a family is working on a tight budget? Worse yet, what if the budget is razor thin? Below are a few tips to committing to a kitchen remodeling while keeping the price at the top of the priority list. The project does not need to be fancy, and the supplies do not have to come from the final stop in the supply chain.

Paint the Cabinets

Painting a kitchen is the surest way to add a whole new look while keeping the budget extremely low. The cabinetry is likely one of the most expensive changes in the kitchen, and a cabinet remodel could cost thousands. It is worth it, for the cabinets bring a strong visual distinction in the kitchen, but it isn’t always an option on a tight budget. Decorators can actually paint the cabinets instead of replacing them. The process will involve stripping the current paint, repainting, and finishing.

Buying Stock and Wholesale

The price of a Kitchen Remodeling could be cut in half if all the supplies are purchased wholesale. There are many remodeling projects that happen throughout the city, and spare parts are accumulated and sold at second-hand dealers and wholesalers. The wholesalers will often provide supplies to designers, but they have excess stock. These items are either unused excess from a previous project (items that were returned) or items that were never unpackaged and were becoming less popular or obsolete. These providers can be contacted directly. The options may be limited, but that does not stop savvy customers from being persistent and asking for supplies that are excess stock at the wholesaler. It is even possible to have all the parts set up for a remodeling company to come in and finish the job. This will cut back dramatically on supply costs. has lots of great items available at deep discounts. Families can make changes to their kitchen while keeping hold of a seriously strict budget. The items received come in bulk, and these saved costs are relayed to customers.

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