Tips for Maintaining & Using Your Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

A garbage disposal is one of the hardest working and sturdiest appliances in the home. As with any appliance, Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY, benefits from regular cleaning and maintenance. A jammed or clogged garbage disposal is an inconvenience and can also be costly to repair.
Fortunately, the majority of problems are avoidable with the proper use and care of the garbage disposal. The following are some do’s and don’ts for the garbage disposal.

  • Fibrous Foodstuffs -; Any type of food that is “stringy” should not be placed into the garbage disposal unit. Foods like corn husks, celery, asparagus, lettuce, onion skins, potato peels, and egg shells. Yes -; egg shells. The membrane layer that coats the shell easily wraps around shredder and the shell gets ground to a sand-like paste which clogs pipes.
  • Grease and Oils -; Products like cooking oil grease, bacon grease, and fats trimmed from meat or poultry all form a coating over the garbage disposal’s blades. Over time the coating decreases the effectiveness of the blades and as the coating decays it releases an obnoxious odor.
  • Non-food Stuff -; It may seem like a no-brainer not to stuff items that are not food into a garbage disposal, but it happens. Plumbers have tales of removing items such as feminine hygiene products, rubber bands, twist ties, cigarette butts, plant trimmings, sponges, and the occasional toy soldier.
  • Do’s for the Garbage Disposal -; Keep your Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY clean by periodically adding a small amount of dish soap and running the disposal for a minute with cold water. Always grind food with cold water instead of hot as cold water will solidify grease so that it can be ground by the blades. Cut up large pieces of food so that they are easily ground up.
  • Don’ts for the Garbage Disposal -; Food only goes into the garbage disposal -; never paper, metal, or glass. Aside from the foods mentioned previously, avoid grinding rice or pasta too as these will expand causing plugs.

Taking care of your garbage disposal just may save a trip to for a new disposal. In caring for your disposal, it is recommended to leave the motor running until grinding is finished and let the water run for about 30 seconds to flush any particles left behind. Occasionally adding a few ice cubes and grinding them will keep the blades sharp and break up accumulated grease.

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