Helpful Tips from Plumbers in Midlothian TX to Keep their Water Heater Working Efficiently

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Plumbing

Much like all the other systems in a home, the water heater needs to be maintained from time to time to continue running efficiently and properly. However, this is one element of the plumbing system that many homeowners forget all about, until, of course, something goes wrong. To avoid having to call on the services of Plumbers Midlothian TX for water heater repair, use the maintenance tips found here.

Flush Away the Sediment

As time passes, the majority of water heating systems will begin to accumulate mineral deposits or sediment, which can lower the efficiency of the tank and compromise performance. To ensure the water heating system continues to run smoothly and to keep utility costs down, the water heater needs to be flushed annually. Prior to flushing the tank, be sure to turn off the water supply, as well as the power supply. If a homeowner is unsure of the proper way to do this, then they can call for help from Plumbers in Midlothian TX.

Install an Anode Rod

Wear and tear on a water heater are inevitable; however, the process can be slowed down by limiting the amount of corrosion that occurs. Do this easily by installing an anode rod. This is a specially designed metal rod that is put into the tank. It attracts the corrosive particles inside the water and prevents the glass lining from becoming cracked. When the lining remains intact, the water heater will be able to run much more efficiently for a longer period of time.

Schedule Maintenance on a Regular Basis

To protect the investment made in the water heater, it is essential to seek regular, professional maintenance. The plumber that provides the maintenance service will inspect the tank, fix any leaks and adjust the thermostat if it is necessary. Seeking professional maintenance will help keep the unit running efficiently, longer.

Learn more about how to keep a water heater in good, working condition by contacting the staff from Direct Service. Answers to commonly asked questions can also be found by a homeowner who takes the time to click here. Knowing what to do to keep a water heater working properly will save a homeowner time, money and effort.

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