Using a 3 Compartment Sink in Your Food Business

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Plumbing Services

One thing that restaurants and food businesses hold sacred is cleanliness and sanitation. From service staff to chefs and managers, everyone is concerned—and rightly so—about ensuring food safety at every turn. Hands must be clean, pots and pans must be washed thoroughly, and cooking equipment must remain immaculate. There shouldn’t be a piece of dirt or dust anywhere in sight! That’s where 3 compartment sinks come in handy. Having three separate sinks makes washing and sanitizing dishes easier. Here is how they work:

The First Sink
The first sink should hold hot water that, as recommended by Food Handler, stays at least 110F. This hot water provides an area to presoak dishes and help detergents work. Pots and pans should be left to soak in the first sink’s hot water—indeed, extra time in hot water helps loosen up dried particles, making it easy to wash them off. That is where the second sink comes in.

The Second Sink
To make washing dishes easier, the second sink acts as a rinsing compartment. Filled up with warm water, the second sink provides a place to rinse off pots, pans, dishes, and other cooking utensils that have already been cleaned in the first sink.

The Third Sink
The third sink acts as the sanitizing sink. After you fill up it up carefully with the correct ratio of water and sanitizer, place rinsed utensils in the third sink. Afterwards, letting these plates, utensils, and pots air dry ensures that your cooking materials stay clean enough to eat off of!

Portable Sinks
If you want even more functionality, go for a portable 3-compartment sink. If your kitchen space is tight at the moment, portable sinks can save you time and trouble. Seeing as it is portable, you can use it when you need to and easily set it aside when you’re done. You can also bring this sink along with you to roadshows and events! If you have a food stand or snack bar business, or are planning to start one, then this is definitely handy, says Monsam Enterprises.

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